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Myotherapist’s are trained to assess, treat and prevent specific body dysfunctions and multiple and various musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses. The treatment involves a wide variety of different modalities that enhance the restoration and recovery from these conditions via the treatment of soft tissue. This can include the muscle, fascia, joints and associated structures.

Myotherapist’s use clinical examination skills to find the source of the problem. It involves high levels of communication, problem solving, planning, treating and implementing rehabilitation programs. Our aim is to relieve pain and normalise sensation and function, once this is achieved the aim is to continue to optimise function, posture and movement to ensure the body remains working at it’s full potential so you can keep enjoying life to its fullest.

30 minutes – $55   |     45 minutes – $70     |      60 minutes – $90

Deep Tissue

Perfect for when you don’t necessarily have a dysfunction, you’re just after a good firm massage to relieve sore, aching muscles. Perfect for people who sit behind desks all day. People who have decided for the fifth time to get back into exercise and the gym and the body isn’t agreeing. People whose job involves a lot of driving or heavy machinery work.

30 minutes – $55   |     45 minutes – $70     |      60 minutes – $90

Relaxation Massage

Everyone needs time out for themselves and everyone’s muscles need loving. In this busy day and age people forget how to relax and take time for themselves. Come in and indulge in semi darkness lit by candles, soft, gentle, instrumental music, skin tingling warm towels and get all of those pressure points and muscles stretched all the way to heaven.

30 minutes – $55      |       60 minutes – $90

Pregnancy Massage

You’re carrying a child – I feel like this sums it up and I don’t need to write anymore – but for all you ladies who need the explanation for your husbands – you need this! You have a tiny human inside your stomach that usually is only filled with food, not a breathing growing foetus. You have 9 months of extra weight, swollen ankles, sore feet – gravity pulling you forward, which your back shoulders and neck definitely weren’t ready for. All while you’re still working, cleaning, cooking and possibly already looking after a big kid (aka husband). Take this time for yourself ! You relax yourself = you relax your baby.

30 minutes – $55     |       60 minutes – $90

Hot Stone Massage rock1

Contrary to popular belief these rocks are not found in your local creek. Once these rocks – usually made out of basalt – are heated, they are placed on all those amazing sore points throughout the body. The stones are used as an extension of the therapist’s hands, the heat can be both deeply relaxing and also release and warm tight muscles, so the therapist can work deeper, quicker. The stones may also be left on specific points throughout the body to improve the flow of energy – they are also great for psychological & physical benefits, pain relief and improved circulation.

30 minutes – $55      |        60 minutes – $90



** less then 24 hours notice and no shows will be charged 50% of the appointment cost before the next appointment can be re-booked.

**vouchers are to be treated the same as cash – no shows will void the voucher



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